Events For and By Poekies

Dear Poekie friends and family,

Poekies are always up to something. We fill our world with happy events and parties.

On this page you will find links to some of the events of the past two years. It is our family picture book.

We also hope that it will inspire you to create your own Poekie events.

the Poekies


Pengu is eagerly waiting for the action to start.


Links to the events:

Helping the world:

Christmas Sale 2011

Chushul Children's Home

Good Deeds 2007-2012


Poekie Parties:

May Party 2013

Christmas Party 2012

BPBPB4 - 2012

Christmas Party 2011

Spooky Poekie Party 2011

Camp Out 2011

Easter Party 2011

Valentine's Party 2011


Poekie Plays:

Sir Bouncalot and Little Miss Bunnivere 2011

The Ghost of the Dragon 2010

Other Events:

Memorial Day Parade 2014 NEW

Spring Break 2014 NEW

Our New Poekie Home 2014

Poekies in Hoilland Blog 2013

Costume Show 2012

Fashion Show 2012




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