About the Poekie Nook

The story of how the Poekies came about is in the Stories Chapter.

The Poekie web site came about because initially I just wanted to share the great photos I was taking of the kids and their Poekies at our parties and plays. I added a Poekie photo page to the Planet's web site. Then kids asked me to put patterns for Poekie clothes online so they could make them at home. And they always ask me who the first Poekies were, so I wrote it down. And then I wrote more stories and made coloring pictures. The Poekie Nook pages on the Planet web site started to mushroom (I never lack ideas, just time), and parents frequently told me I am "sitting on a gold mine." That's when I developed the first kits, and when I started selling them, I had to disconnect it from the non-profit business. Poekienook.com became a (virtual) reality, and now I spend more time in front of my computer than playing with the kids, because...

This is truly a one woman business.
Everything you see, or may end up touching, was done by me. From the design and concept of the Poekies and their world, to the web site design. Including all the text, photos, patterns, scanning, transferring, uploading etc. I also make the kits, cut the fabric. wind the thread on the cards, buy the supplies, write the instructions, package them....
I am fortunate to have a great mom customer, who answers any bookkeeping question I have.

I work with children because I love them (and they love me), and they help me stay close to God. Working with children is not a money making job unless you pursue it as a business. Therefore I hope and pray that someone comes along who can help make this Poekie Nook business the success that so many parents say it will be.

My dream is for the Poekie Nook to become so big that I can just spend my time teaching and designing. After all, most of the inspiration comes from the children. And I will continue doing this for them, regardless of what happens.

With love and sincerity,

March 10th, 2010

You can now find me six days a week in our own Poekie home!
- March 9th, 2014




Poekie Nook, name and concept, Poekie babies, patterns, drawings, text, photos, and design are all created by Sophia van der Harst. Unauthorized reproductions of the Poekie Nook designs and photos, and copying of the Poekie Nook pages is prohibited.

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