Sewing Poekies helps nurture a child’s development

Not only does a child have fun and feel proud of their accomplishments, they also improve:

Hand-eye coordination
Cognitive development: bilateral coordination of left & right brain
Social-emotional skills
Confidence levels
Spatial relations & visual thinking skills

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Commitments to our customers

• We offer a free trial to new customers before membership

• We respond to all inquiries within one business day

• We ensure your child feels happy, safe and proud of their accomplishments


COVID19 UPDATE: Poekie Nook is open to members, by appointment only. Drop-in is temporarily suspended. Following the new guidelines, space is limited. We will post updates as they arise.

*Everyone: mask optional.
*Everyone: temperature checked, staff included.
*Everyone: hand washing requested
*Children work with their own set of clean supplies in their own work stations
*Cleaning is done throughout the day.
*Hand sanitizer is available.

Member Hours

Regular Member Hours:
Mon – Fri 2-6pm
Saturday 10am-3pm
Closed Sundays 

Non-member sewing available:
April 10-13: 2pm-6pm
By appointment. $35/hr

Upcoming Days Closed:
Friday 4/14
Memorial Day 5/29