In January this Poekie went to Costa Rica.

She went with her grandpa to visit her great-grandparents...

Spent time on Tamarindo beach too.

And a visit to the waterfalls was a must.

These Poekies live in Thailand


It took me 6 months to figure out that these are Madison and Caroline's Poekies, during the big games in August

Leila's Poekies dancing around the May Pole.

Helena's Poekies had a wedding

Many Poekies attended

It was a sweet affair

They all needed a nap afterwards

Georgia's Poekies flew far away to a new home. Miss you!!!

The mom of these Poekies is now in college!

This was the price for a raffle to benefit the Poekie Nook.

She organized it all her self and made $345!!!