Patterns for Poekie Clothes, Furniture and Accessories

If you have made your own Poekies and are already good at sewing (back-stitches),
look below for many projects you can make.

Dear Poekie makers,

These patterns are for experienced Poekie makers.

Before you begin you must print and read the general instructions with tips for printing, tracing, knots, stuffing, etc. The individual pattern instructions refer back to these general ones.

As you will see, the drawings of the patterns aren’t always exactly perfect. That is because nothing in the Poekie world has to be absolutely perfect. It always looks good and sweet!

An estimated project time is noted. This time is based on an 8-year-old experienced Poekie maker.

Take your time and have lots of fun!



Antidot, Teedlee, Poekanina and Poekino can’t believe the
tower of fabrics we use to make things for them!
If you don’t have such a pile of Poekie fabric, you can use
your old clothes (sweat-shirts and pants) and cut them up.


Links to patterns:

Before You Begin – General Instructions