Here are pictures and stories of your own Poekies


Hi Sophia!
Here is a picture of my NEW (born on labor day!) nephew Damien
with the Poekie Elephant I made him!! I didn’t have time to make
the little elephant before he was born, but I plan on finishing him
soon! I hope you enjoy this picture! I’ll be back in Marin for 2
weeks starting Sept. 23rd, I’ll try to stop by and say hi!!
September 11th, 2011

(Emmy came to the Planet when we first opened in 1995, we mostly
beaded then and Poekies were not even born yet. But she was
there when the first Poekie was born. Now she is in her twenties
and travels all over the world on a ship from the Coast Guard. – S.)





 These Poekies are VERY Lucky!


They went to visit their grandparents. (These are the
Poekies’ parents, NOT their grandparents!)


Their grandparents live all the way in Costa Rica.


 Where the sun is VERY hot! – August 2011


 Siena, visiting from Chicago, made these lovely Poekies in the last
three days of summer. And she’s working on more right now!
– September 1st, 2011


 Bella, Buttermilk and Peppermint.



 Siena’s Poekies in Cupcake’s basket. (This is a different Siena!)


Cupcake hanging out with Destiny and Flora. (Cupcake is
Siena’s dog and is smaller than her Mama Poekies!)
– June 23rd, 2011


 Here are Julia’s 41 Poekies. This was last week, and she has made
at least one new Poekie since. She made the very first Papa Poekie
Parrot. His name is Mango and he is Macademia’s grandpa.
-June 23rd, 2011



 Going for a Hike
Blancia and I went on a hike a couple days ago. Even though I was
practically dying, Blancia was as happy as ever. She was especially
happy when I gave her a bouquet of flowers that I had collected
on the hike. Blancia had a very good day and so did I.
– June 12th, 2011


Blancia and her mom.



Julia has been busy at home creating good places for her Poekies to hang out.
Here’s the house with the skunk in the pond .


The dove is exploring in the forest. (Still waiting for better
photos of the other hang-outs.) -June 2011


 You might think we’re in some foreign land, but no, we’re not.
We’re in good old Fairfax, on our mommy’s front porch.
– Sage, May 15th, 2011



Not the first boy to make a Papa Poekie, also not the first kid to
bicycle home with his Papa Poekie, but definitely the FIRST BOY
to bicycle home with his brand-new, and PERFECT, Papa Poekie!
April 14th, 2011

P.S. Poekies LOVE to bicycle.



 These Poekies are very lucky. Their owners take them everywhere!
On a trip with grandparents, or on a bike rike around the Bay.
April 2011





Talya had a Poekie Valentine’s Party at home.

Talya, would you like to write something aboutthe party?

Feb. 14th, 2011





Dear Phoebe,

We needed a little adventure, so we decided to go to Paris with
your mom. Here are a few pictures of us at our hotel, a cafe and
kicking it along the Seine. We’ll probably go to the Eiffel Tower
one day, too! We’ll be sure to send you some more pictures!

Au Revoir for now. We love you very much and so does your mom!
Your Poekies
October 7th, 2010


Looks like a dangerous place to hang out!


 Phoebe’s mom took them to fancy places.


Is there cheese on the menu?


 “We were here too!” – Poekie and Baby Poeka.



 Grace’s father went to Holland and took his Poekie Punk (a raven).
July 2010.


Here is Punk by a fountain in Amsterdam


A Great Brand New Poekie Maker!
Sage started making Poekies not too long ago, and she is very
happy with them. They keep her busy too! – May 5th, 2010

P.S. Sage, you will have to sew the campfire and marshmellows soon
to make Violet happy


“Fred the frog is all ready to go to bed.”


“Here is Violet. She is ready for s’mores…but where are
the marshmallows?”


“This is Fushia in her lovely tent.”


Jurassic Park
I like this picture because it reminds you about prehistoric times
but in a cool way. It shows a tricaratops in its habitat and what you
would find in it. – written by Ben, April 27th, 2010

Note: Tricaratops were very kind, they were vegetarian and their
scary looks were their only defense.


Tricer is happy Ben made him his own world.
He even included some of his old friends.


 King of the world
Eli looked at a map on the computer. Then he taped his Poekie onto
the screen and took a picture of it. – March 17th, 2010


Polo is the king of the World.


Poekies in Mongolia
Poekies waving from a snack shop by Lake Khuvsgul in Mongolia,
August 2009 before horse trekking and visiting a shaman in her
teepee with her herd of reindeer outside. The Poekies have
friends around the world!

Peggy went on another trip. She guides people all over Tibet,
Bhutan and Mongolia. On this trip she also visited her orphanage in
Lhasa. – received the photo on March 17th, 2010

large_peggy 1

Poekies in Mongolia


 Mia brought all her Poekies to the Valentine’s Birthday Party for
Poekie. Four of the Mama Poekies live in the beadroom, but the
other five she made herself. We don’t know how many Mia has
made all together, but there’s a lot, and she’s learned to make
them perfect. Yay Mia! – February 12th, 2010



Poekies at Pigeon Point Lighthouse Hostel in Pescadero,

We roadtripped to Pigeon Point Lighthouse, near Pescadero, in
September 2009; and the Poekies came along for the ride. They
had their own share of fun at the Poekie-sized model lighthouse
at the entrance, looking at the amazing view of the cliffs and sea
below. – written by Talya, February 5th, 2010


 Talya’s Poekies seem quite happy in their own little lighthouse.


Poekies in Yosemite
We are about to go on a hike in to Sentinel Dome. We’re getting a
liitle rest because the dome is steep (okay,maybe it’s just me
because I’m tiny!!). written by Candy Corn and Grace, January
24th, 2010.


This is a picture of my Poekies in Yosemite, near the trailhead
to a hike to Sentinel Dome.



The candy Poekies had a picnic last week, with Ayla’s fancy tea-set.
January 21st, 2010


Augustine and Theodore wanted some too!


 How the Poekies won a prize
Fay and Ray had just moved in with great-grandma (great Aunt Barbara for short) and were now obsessed with parties. They hired a lady named Pencila, a teacher, to see if everyone had invitations. They all became fast friends and were inseparable.
Ray had started an art business after finishing Harvard and at one of his shows a small girl came in, a foster child, not an orphan!. He immediately loved her and convinced Fay to adopt her. One day when Fay and Ray’s mommy came home from school, she said, ‘There’s a fundraiser at school where you make a movie that shows what you think “beauty” is.’ They signed up immediately and started their movie. It took a while and when they finally got on the computer to put it on a disc, the computer wouldn’t let them! And tomorrow was the day of the deadline. Mommy thought it was hopeless but Fay and Ray’s non-Poekie, non-human sized stuffed friend said, “Let’s do a different movie on “beauty.” Fay’s adopted wooden 5-yearold daughter was the first to agree. They did it and, suprisingly, it won 1st place in the PTA Reflections art competition! The Poekies (and the non-Poekies) were celebrating! They used the prize money to build a new house made out of all recycled material! Here are pictures of the celebration and the new house which is portable so it can travel with the Poekies! – written by Ndali, November 15th, 2009


Ndali and her Poekies moved to Sandbridge, Virginia, and now
they have a wonderful new home.




 India, who is back in America for six months, gave me this picture
of the house her Poekies have in Australia. – July 22nd, 2009


There’s a lot going on in India’s Poekie house!


Daniella and her father made a beautiful tree house for her
Poekies. The upper floor must be about 3 feet high. She made the
furniture at the Planet in the wood shop.
It looks like a great play house, but maybe the Poekies could use
some bedding and pillows so they can rest more comfortably?
– July 18th, 2009


Daniella’s Poekies were not home when this photo was taken.
We assume that they were at the Planet.


Makenna reached a hundred Poekies this week. On Friday we had a
celebration. She brought 103 Poekies to the Planet. By the end of
the day, after this picture was taken, she had made two more. And
then there are two more which she gave away.

So how many did she have by 6 pm on Friday July 11th, 2009?

And we will continue to count.


 Makenna’s gigantic Poekie family. She obviously is an expert
Poekie maker now!


Mia entered her Mama Poekie, Honey, in the Marin County Fair.
She won not only 1st place, but also a special award. We’re not
sure what the special award was for.

The sad thing is that they pinned Honey’s ears onto the wall.
Obviously, the people who organized the display have no idea about
our Poekies. How much we care about them, and how alive they
really are! – July 7th, 2009


Honey is glad to be back home, and she is quite happy to
wiggle her ears again.


 Makenna went on a camping trip over the Fourth of July weekend.
Apparently only four of her almost 100 Poekies were so lucky to
come along, with their OWN camping gear! – July 6th, 2009


It seems that Makenna’s Poekies ate too many roasted marshmallows.


Ansel and Sara are visiting family in Toronto. Ansel’s red penguin,
Licorice, has everything he needs for the trip: sleeping bag, jacket,
backpack, hat, and even a special chair with seat belt for the plane
ride. Sara’s bunny, Bubbles. has to ‘rough it,’ because Sara didn’t
have enough time to prepare things for her. But Poekies are tough
and love to travel.
When Bubbles and Licorice found out that they were getting
married they started running around the room in joy. For five
days they kept talking about the wedding. – written by Ansel and Sara,
June 24th, 2009


The Poekster AKA Licorice with Bubbles at Niagara Falls.
They will get married once they’re back in California.


Hi, I am Sweetheart,
And guess what, I just went on a cruise to Mexico and stopped in
four different places. Like Cayman Island, Honduras, Belize, and
Key West. It was the best time of my life, especially when I saw
how cool the rooms where. They were small, cool and lots of great
fun! I saw all the cool places and the best part was when I heard I
got to sleep with Ashley’s mom during the night. Oh, did I mention
that I got to take my first plane ride to the cruise boat and back?
It was so very fun and I can’t wait to go back next summer!!
– written by Ashley, age 10, on May 15th, 2009


Sweetheart (and Ashley’s pictures) kept Ashley’s mom
company during her vacation.


Some weeks ago, this Planet girl decided to make a Poekie House in
the wood shop. She brought the beautiful Poekie House for a photo.
Here she is with her three Poekies. May 6th, 2009


These Poekies have a bright and pretty house to live in.


 Pinkie-hood and Little Rose
Once upon a time there was a famous Poekie named Pinkie-hood and
her assistant Little Rose. Pinkie-hood stole from the rich and gave
to the poor with a little help from Little Rose. The one thing that
Pinkie-hood and Little Rose were afraid of was Sir-Meow-A-Lot.
One day when Pinkie-hood and Little Rose were stealing from the
rich and giving to the poor, there were Sir-Meow-A-Lot’s men
trying to track them down. So with one shot Pinkie-hood put an
arrow in a tree and the tree fell down on the men. Little Rose was
looking for something she could do, and she found Sir-Meow-A-Lot
in his carriage. Little Rose did not have any arrows so she ran off
to get Pinkie-hood to help her. Pinkie-hood could not take this cat
down alone, so she got her band of Merry Poekies to help her. First
the band of Merry Poekies helped to get Sir-Meow-A-Lot into a
different carriage that would take him to jail. Then they had lunch
and a nice cup of tea. Both Pinkie-hood and Little Rose, and the
Merry Poekies lived happily ever after. The End.
– written by Phoenix, age 8, on April 26th, 2009


Pinkie-hood and Little Rose, and their band of Merry Poekies.


A Poekie Home
Many of you have told me that your Poekies have their own house
at home. This is the house that Parker built for her Poekies. It’s
quite grand. Two stories tall and a roof garden on top. There are
four more pictures below. -April 23rd, 2009

Parker will just have to write a story for us about who lives in it,
and what they like to do.







Our best friend, Clint
By Sunshine and Blueberry
A couple of months ago, our mommy found us in her room. We were
lost for a long time! Our sister Leopard Nose is still lost in
mommy’s room. Anyway, mommy’s kitten, Clint, was on her bed, lying
on a fleece blanket, asleep. Mommy decided that we should be with
him, and lifted up Clint’s paw and put us under his leg. At first we
didn’t like it very much, because he was choking us, but then
mommy adjusted him, so he was hugging us. And, just like that, we
had a new best friend. – written by Nell, age 14, in April 2009.

Note: My family got Clint two years ago when he was five months
old, after our old cat (Spike, a girl) died.
Another note: Clint was the name he had when we got him from the
Marin Humane Society. I’m sure we could have come up with a
better one, but we never took the time.
One more note: Clint’s Aliases are, Kitty Clint, Kitty Boo, Kitty
Baby Boo (my name for him), Mr. Kitty Baby Boo and Mr. Kitty Boo.



Some cats are nice to mice.


Five Candy Ducks and a Candy Penguin, made by Ayla,
Ashley and Jacob.



 Four Poekies:
Two weeks ago, a boy came with some fabric and made a gigantic
Poekie with the help of his mom. A “Papa Poekie.” Soon the bead
room had its own Mama Poekie, named Poekefie. On her own
Makenna made one immediately. Now she has four sizes of Poekies:
The Mama Poekie, the Big Poekie, the Baby Poekie, and the teeny
Candy Poekie. – April 7th, 2009


Makenna hasn’t counted lately, but she thinks that the Mama
Poekie is her 57th, or her 58th Poekie.


A Poekie Life
By Watermelon, Illustrated by Watermelon
When I was all alone I had no brothers or sisters, I had a house
and my mommy. And then she went back to the Planet and made me
some clothes and met Bay by Poeka and made more stuff for me.
And then she made more of me and named her Raindrop. Me and
that Raindrop were sisters. And then she made my brother Chi Chi
and said, ‘Wow that Raindrop has big ears.’ And I got along with
Chi Chi and Raindrop with big ears. The end. – written by Mia, age
7, in a book she made for Baby Poeka in February 2009


Poekies made by Mia on the swing at the Planet. From left to
right: Raindrop, Snowbell, Scruffy and Watermelon (Chi Chi
stayed at home that day).


Stitches’ Story (a true event):
I am Stitches and I am Ashley’s first Poekie. When I was brought
home I was sitting on Ashley’s bed waiting to play. But when
Ashley left the room, a killer Chihuahua named Pica came in and
chewed my tail right off. I started crying, but Ashley could not
hear me. Ashley’s mom came in the room and saw my chewed-off
tail. Ashley was so so so mad at Pica. But when I got to the Planet
the next day, she sewed my tail back on. I came home and Ashley
put me on her dresser so I could be safe. But soon enough when
Ashley left the room, the killer Chihuahua came back. I tried to
run, but my legs were too short, and Pica chewed off my eyes,
nose, and mouth. Ashley felt so bad, but she knew that Sophia
could sew it right back on. After Sophia sewed everything back on
me, Ashley put me in a drawer, so the killer Chihuahua could never
get my Poekie again. – written by Ashley, age 10, on March 26th,


Stitches is quite a happy mouse at the Planet – no worries
about a killer Chihuahua here.



Makenna has made more Poekies than any one else.
She got serious about making them last summer, and she hasn’t
stopped. Here are all the teeny ones she has made.


And here are many more. But I don’t think it’s all of them.
Today she made number 54, and we continue to count!
March 25th, 2009


 Mango’s story:
One day a Poekie was walking along Embers Street. The Poekie was
named Mango. The lights went off. ‘Where am I,’ said Mango,
taking one step at a time. She went to the light switch and turned
on the lights again. -written by Indigo, age 7, on March 25th, 2009


Mango was born on March 24th, 2009. Here she sits on Wormy’s roof-lawn.


 Saturn’s story:
One week ago I was in my house. I was all alone. I was bored. I
decided to go out. I walked out the door and hopped onto the
floor. I was used to it. I walked across the floor and got to the big
door. One problem, I don’t know how to open it, so I tried to
squeeze under the crack. It worked but it was tight! I started
walking again. It felt like someone was breathing down my neck.
I turned around and there was a big, sharp-toothed beast. I think
it’s called a hot dog. I was so scared, I almost fell down, but I
didn’t. I ran as fast as I could back to the door. I was safe. I
decided not to go out alone again. -written by Jacob, age 8, on
March 24th, 2009


Jacob made Saturn the wolf in January 2009.
Here he is in his k’nex helicopter.


If you would like me to include your Poekie story and picture, email me or come see me at the Poekie Nook. -Sophia


Your Poekie