This story was told during the Christmas Party in 2011

It was very early in the morning of Christmas eve. The beadroom was quiet and all the Poekies were dreaming of Christmas. But Augustine was restless, he remembered his adventure with the snowman last year and really wanted to be in the snow again. He went to his mom, Snowefie, and asked her if she knew where he could find snow to build his snowman again. She told him that he would have to go far towards the sunrise. He would have to ride fast and return when the sun was setting since home is where the sun sets.



He asked his friend Fennel if she would like to come along.


Together they found Penelope the reindeer, who was
willing to pull the wagon in which they could ride really fast.


The rode over the green fields towards the sunrise.
Finally they saw the mountains, with their white tops. Up
and up they went until they reached a field of snow.


‘Here by the trees is a good place to make our snowman,’
said Augustine.
The year before, Baby Poeka had taught him how to make
a snowman, so quickly they got to work. First they rolled a
really big ball, for the bottom belly. Then the second one
a little smaller, for the upper belly, and finally the
smallest one of the head.

It is very difficult to lift that one on top of the two other balls, but Augustine was strong enough. Fennel had brought along some eyes and a mouth and they put them on the head.
Then they looked at him, ‘Hi mister snowman, are you alive? Will you tell us a story?’

But the snowman gave no answer. Whatever they tried, the snowman stayed silent. Disappointed, Augustine sat down next to him. Fennel, in an effort to stay chipper, pulled out a carrot she had brought for lunch. ‘Would you like some carrot, Augustine?’ she asked.



Suddenly a deep rumble came from inside the snowman. ‘Hmm, humm,’ he went on ‘Did I hear carrot?’ he rumbled deeply.
‘Oh mister snowman,’ Augustine exclaimed, ‘You’re alive! Will you please tell us a story?’
‘Hmm, let me see. Oh yes, the carrot, it woke me up. That’s a good story.’ He scraped his throat and began in his low, deep, rumbling voice:

‘Once upon a time, long, long ago, some strange creatures made me in the middle of the night right next to a highway. The creatures had long ears and pointed shoes, they danced around, gathering the snow for me. When I was born, they disappeared, leaving me alone along the highway. I did not like this, what if the cars would come racing by all day long? But just when the dawn was about to begin, I heard a strange noise, it wasn’t the sound of cars, instead it was the roar of thundering hoofs. Many of them.

Out of the distance a herd of reindeer came running, pulling a sleigh carrying a man dressed in red with a long, long beard. The man said ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’ So I said, ‘Hey, Hey, Hey!’ But the man did not answer and flew right by. That evening when it was almost dark, the man in red with the long beard and his reindeer, came hurrying by again. ‘Ho, Ho, Ho!’ he called, so I called ‘Hey, Hey, Hey!’ But he did not answer.
The next morning however, there were no thundering hoofs, instead there was just a light triptropping of hoofs going slowly along. The reindeer with sleigh carrying the man in red with long, long beard, came in sight. This time he was humming a song. I called ‘Hey, Hey, Hey!’ He pulled in the reins and saw me. ‘Well, well, snowman, what are you doing here?’
‘I was built here last night and I saw you pass by many times. What do you do hurrying along this highway?’
‘Oh, I deliver presents to all the children in the world. Would you like a present too?’
‘Oh yes, I would! I see these beautiful pine trees all around me and I would love to smell their scent, but I can’t because I have no nose.’
‘That’s easy to take care of. I happen to have a carrot in my bag, could you use that for a nose?’
‘Thank you, that would be be wonderful!’
And so it is that all snowman get a carrot for their nose, so they can smell the scent of Christmas trees.’ The snowman ended his story.

Augustine and Fennel loved the story. Fennel had nibbled a little bit off the carrot, but there was plenty left. ‘Would you like our carrot for a nose, mister snowman?’ she asked.
‘Oh yes, indeed, that would be lovely.’
Augustine got up and tried to push the nose into the snowman’s head, but then a terrible thing happened. The whole head rolled off and fell to pieces on the ground.
‘Oh NO!’ cried Augustine and Fennel.
They gathered up the snow and rolled a whole new head. This time they placed it on top and secured the eyes, mouth and nose very carefully.



‘Mister snowman, are you still alive?’
‘Hmm, hum, yes, I am. That was an unfortunate accident. Glad you remade me. And now I can smell the lovely trees. Thank you.’
Due to the mishap and work it took to repair the snowman, Augustine and Fennel had not noticed that the sun had set, and it was starting to get dark.
‘Oh no!’ cried Augustine, ‘How are we ever going to find our way home again? Without the sun setting we can’t find our way home! Snowefie was very clear about that, our home is where the sun sets!’

‘Hmm, hum,’ said the snowman, ‘Maybe I can help. Let me see, when and where was it? Oh yes, thousands of years ago, I was born on a small hilltop overlooking the desert. Mind you, it was quite cold and snow was every where. I was standing along a little wagon trail, and one night the stars seemed particularly bright, so I pondered on the heavens and the stars. The sound of hoofs came closer and there appeared three camels with kings seated upon them. They were carrying rich gifts.
‘My, your gracious kings, where are you going carrying such treasures.’ I said.
‘Dear snowman, we are on our way to the west, for tonight there is born the king of all people. See that star there, shining extra bright? That is the star that shows us the way west, so we may find him easily.’ And they continued their journey.



Now where was I? Oh yes, hum, hmm, what night is it tonight? Isn’t it Christmas eve?’
‘Yes mister snowman,’ Augustine cried, it is Christmas Eve!’
‘Well then, isn’t there a very bright star in the sky? Yes, there it is! There is the west. That is your way to go.’
Augustine and Fennel were so relieved, they too saw the star, shining ever so bright.
They both thanked the snowman for his stories and his wisdom and quickly they got back in the wagon. Penelope was happy she could fly down the mountains.


At home, Snowefie had told Theodore to light a candle.
She was worried and wanted to make sure Augustine and
Fennel would find them.


Augustine, Fennel and Penelope followed the star in the
west, and when they came closer they saw the light
shining by their home. When they arrived they told
everyone of their adventure.