Some of you may know that every Christmas, Augustine goes on his sled to the snowy mountains to make a snowman.
Of course, that is always in a story, and, being such a California Coast snowman, Augustine never did see any real snow, until last week (February 2014).

We went to visit a friend in the mountains east of Seattle, and just by chance, it snowed the days before. Clearly, I couldn’t go without him, and Puff, only a small baby, insisted he needed to see the snow as well, being a puffin and all.

I packed some extra sweaters and scarves, since my Poekies have never been in such cold weather.
Here is his story of this trip.



We have arrived and it is MIGHTY cold!! Give me that
sweater and scarf, mom!


There was so much snow, my help was needed to clear the


I saw a blue cave in the snow, and as I checked it out, I
got stuck. Do you think there’s a blue genie in there?


The next day we drove to a lake, it was covered with ice
and snow. It was beautiful, but very cold and gray. Puff
felt right at home and wanted to go swimming, but mom
said no, ’cause he hasn’t learned to swim yet.


To warm up, we tried some sliding on a frozen puddle, but
it was too slippery. We still don’t understand how this
town can be in America. Our mom says it looks like


Mom was cold too, so she drank some warm German wine.
We were happy sitting by the heater, the wine and
German Hot Dog were too hot for us.


That night it snowed some more. The next morning, I
went out for some play. I found this snow-snail. I looked
inside and it was a hollow shell, but no snail to be found.


We tried to make a snowman, but mom said the snow
wasn’t right. It turned into a mountain. Anyway, my own
snowman is waiting for me until next Christmas,
somewhere high in the mountains.


We found icicles that had fallen from the trees. First we
licked them, yum! Then we played a sword-battle with
them. They made beautiful sounds as we played, but they
all broke too soon.


Time to go sledding. Test ride on this little hill.


Here we come down a very big hill.


We went so fast! Puff loved it, I was worried.


See? There we crashed!


And I was sinking in the snow. Puff called mom.


Mom saved me and we played together.


Mighty cold now, I don’t know anymore what part of me is
me and what part of me is snow. Is this how a real
snowman feels?


Drying by the heater, I sure am the happiest Poekie
snowman. If you have a Poekie snowman, make him happy
in real the snow too!