Chushul Children’s Home

In early June 2009, Peggy showed kids and Poekies photos of the orphanage she started in Tibet.
She told us stories and we made cupcakes.

On Peggy’s next trip over, we are sending along supplies for Poekie Bubbleblowers, and we hope that we can become friends with the orphans of Chushul Home.

Underneath she explains what Chushul is about.



As the prayer wheel turns,

In 1998, with the generous support of clients and guidance from old Tibetan friends, I had $30,000 to help a very poor village build a small orphanage near Lhasa,Tibet. With the blessing of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, land donated by the local government, the dedication and physical labor from the villagers and the loan of the local monastery’s truck, the project was completed within six months. By August, we had a beautiful two-story home with hand-painted beams and bunk beds to the ceiling. We included a small classroom with a library full of books and easily filled it up with orphaned children from the area. It is known as Chushul Children’s Home and the children consider it their home and not an orphanage.

With some imagination, you can see what we spelled out with the M&M’s!

In the last ten years, we have built a greenhouse, a new kitchen/family room, a playground and a fence to enclose the property. And now we are building a proper bathroom with several showers, toilets and sinks …an important step forward towards teaching them hygiene.

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