Good Deeds

Papa Triceratops for comfort:

This Poekie maker made a darling trceratops for a little boy who is very sick with leukaemia.
She made a perfect Poekie for him in this Spring of 2012. What a beautiful deed!

S: You’re welcome to write your own story for this!


In 2007 Pavla made twenty Poekies and gave them away:

‘For my Bat Mitzvah’s (Jewish coming of age ceremony) mitzvah (a commandment to do good deeds) project, I decided to make poekies and give them to sick children in a hospital. I made 20 poekies and donated them to the UCSF Pediatric Orthopedic Oncology outpatient clinic. Each animal was named by me, and had a little tag, and someone distributed them to the kids in the hospital.’



This is Iris, Pavla’s very first Poekie. She made her about eight years ago. Pavla is now thirteen, and she often works in the bead room. Pavla has given us many new Poekies. Due to her sweet insistence, I helped her design the monkey, the frog, and the horse. Now she has designed her own new Poekie. He will soon be added to the Poekie family at the Planet.


In Action