Poekie Facts

• The name ‘Poekie’ is a name moms in Holland sometimes use for their sweet baby.

• Poekies are made from fleece fabric, which is made from recycled plastic bottles.

• We started making Poekies in 1999.

• We must have made over 6,000 Poekies before we started counting in June 2011. By now, March 2016 we have almost ten thousand on our birth list. So that’s 16,000 Poekies in the world.

• Poekies now live all over the world. In India, Holland, France, Russia, England, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, Japan, Australia, India, Alaska, Austria, Italy, I’m sure I’m forgetting some places.

• Makenna made the most amount of Poekies ever. She stopped at about 207.

• Many have made more than a hundred Poekies.

• Some kids can make Poekies as fast as Sophia. Sophia makes a Poekie in average 45 minutes.

• All Poekies love to swim and take baths, but their skin may change a bit and give them a nice bath after they’ve been in salty water. They need quite some time to dry in the sun or by a heater, because mold is a serious illness.

• When Poekies need ‘surgery,’ or stitches, we always give them some sleepy medicine. We let them suck on the ball of a pin ‘with a taste that they like.’ For example, mice always suck on a yellow pin, because it tastes like cheese, and the bunnies get the orange carrot taste. Once they are asleep, we can do the necessary surgery.


Sewing doll clothes in the summer of 1967 in Holland.

• They also all love to dance and sing and play ‘pretend.’ Especially in a real play with costumes and sets.

• They also love weddings. Big ones.

• There are many ‘older’ Poekie moms by now. Some are thirty and they still love their Poekies, or make Poekies for their nephews!

*Sophia doesn’t really like to sew, she prefers to draw, paint or bead, but most of all, to dance. And she loves everything she makes and does, and all her Poekies, and she cares for every Poekie ever made.

To be continued….