How the program works:
Ages 6 to 12. Member drop-in.

Individual Monthly Membership Options

$139 – for up to 5 hours + $20/hr for additional time
$259 – for up to 15 hours + $15/hr for additional time

3 month committment required at sign-up. No refunds.
*Calendar months *Hours do not roll over

Rewards System:
Kids earn points that can be redeemed for snacks and prizes. There are many ways to earn points, by attendance, birthdays, referrals and joining camps/classes.

Yes, we’d love to host your child’s birthday party!  See here for details.

Other important facts:

• Unfinished projects are recycled after one month.
• Kids should wear proper shoes, as we tend to lose needles only to find them much later.
• All cellphones must be parked in our phone-park. No cellphones are allowed on tables. Use of phones is only allowed for important communications with parents, and must be conducted away from work-areas.
• Children may not check out or leave the premises without adult accompaniment, unless a written permission is on file.

How to get the most benefit from your child’s visit:

• Children freely choose their projects and Poekies, based on age and experience. The older the child, the faster they will move up through the several levels of sewing.

• Most Poekies take at least one to two hours to make, and some may take up to eight or more hours. A visit of less than an hour and a half won’t bring the progress and satisfaction children are looking for.

• Sporadic visits do not help to improve children’s sewing skills. Children who come consistently once a week during the school-year, or daily during vacations, happily work their way up to the more advanced Poekies.

• Years of experience have taught us that all creative projects need time for breathing in and breathing out, therefore you may see children working on other projects or just hanging out for a bit.

Check this page if you’d like to read more about the benefits of sewing and crafting: The Benefits of Sewing Poekies

The Poekies and Poekie Nook expect proper behavior and conduct from all children and adults when visiting our home. We ask that you treat everyone and everything with respect while you are here and help us keep it clean and beautiful.

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