Ten years ago, in the summer of 1999, one the Poekies’ human cousins came to visit. Andy is from Amsterdam, Holland, and was at that time fifteen years old. He was sent to the Planet because his mom went to climb the highest mountain in Europe, and he thought a summer in California would be more exciting that staying with his father in a milk-truck.

Andy wasn’t afraid of anything, he was really handy too, but sometimes he was a bad boy, always teasing everyone and, because he didn’t speak fluently English, he would often exclaim ‘It’s a pain !’ But the Poekies never noticed that, because ever since Andy had come, it was party time. Baby Poeka, being a daredevil herself, got along with big bad Andy right away.



Baby Poeka loves wild rides (her pet-mouse does too).
This was in the Memorial Day parade in Mill Valley, possibly in 2000.

He started making her all kinds of rides, mostly out of K’nex, rides she and her friends had never imagined possible. First he made a special twirling swing, then a giant ferris-wheel that could roll Baby Poeka all over the Planet inside and outside. Next he built an old-fashioned merry-go-round with special seats for all the Poekies. But the best one was the little trailer, that would zoom along behind an RC car. It was also the fastest and most dangerous ride. Baby Poeka loved it all the better, safe inside her roll-cage getting all muddy from the dirt thrown up by the car’s wheels. Not knowing that life could get any better than this, the Poekies were troubled when one day they found themselves on a very long and boring car ride. But when they got out of the car, they walked onto a warm and sunny beach in some far away land. Poekie loves sunbathing and Baby Poeka loves swimming, so they were very happy after all.

The next morning everyone rose early, rushing to get out. The Poekies were just waking up when they entered a gate of a gigantic fairyland. There were funny looking creatures, funny looking houses, funny looking cars and signs, and rides that were so big that they couldn’t see the end of them. There was the space ride, several mountain rides, a cave and a train ride, too many to name and too much excitement to tell about. Just when the Poekies thought they were getting a little tired, the best thing of all happened. The Poekies went into an odd looking house and entered a dark room. In it there were old moving pictures of a mouse. A gigantic mouse. ‘This is mouse heaven,’ they said to each other. How wonderful life must be for such a gigantic mouse, and movie star too! When they heard they were going to meet this gigantic mouse in person, the Poekies started shaking from excitement. They couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw him. He was so big that they could easily fit in the palm of his hand. While waiting to meet him, Baby Poeka noticed something funny, his tail was missing. When it was finally their turn to meet the mouse, she sat in his hand and whispered to him, ‘What happened to your tail?’ He whispered back to her, ‘It’s funny you ask, no one ever asks, but when I was just becoming famous, I lost it. I was thinking I would get it sewn back on again, but the humans said I look more handsome without it, so I never got it mended. Now I must greet the next person, goodbye,’ and he looked away. The Poekies are always very proud of their tails, so they were quite surprised to hear this.


Coloring picture: will be printable soon 🙂

Poekie thought for a moment, then he said to Baby Poeka, ‘Well, some humans like to be more Poekie-like, and some mice like to be more human-like. This mouse has a real fairyland country and all the humans in the world know about him. He may be a little forgetful about mouse-things with such an important position. I am glad to be just a Poekie-mouse, we have our own little planet where everyone loves us and cares as much about our tails as we do.’

Still, the Poekies left the famous and gigantic mouse a little puzzled, not really understanding how you can have your own fairyland country but not your own tail. They asked big bad Andy about it, but he only answered, ‘It’s a pain!’
They were glad when they returned to their own Planet and saw their own friends again.

Big Bad Andy is now 30 and has been all around the world, mostly by walking, without shoes. He’s learned al about farming and is not bad anymore.