Poekie Family Members

More than two hundred Poekies live at the Poekie Nook.
There are more than seventy different animals in our family.
On a family picnic
Alligators: Gatorfie, Daddyade, Alliade
Anteaters: Antifie, Anti Dot
Axolotle: Loxilox
Badger: Oscar
Bats: Pearl and June
Bears: Grrrefie, Julie, Berry and Teddy Bear
Beavers: Gracefie, Chuck and Woody
Bee: Bumble
Bunnies: Bonnevie, Fennel, Sammi and Samini
Butterflies: Flittefie, Papillon and Fleurabelle
Cats: Little Fie, Loesje, Kitty and Itty Bitty
Cows: Daisefie and Clara
Dogs: Rocket, Spendid, Puggie and Nellie-too
Dolphins: Finnefie, Sweet Gray and Dolphinia
Dragonflies: Libelle and Damsel
Dragons: Dragonfie, Sebastian, Bartholomew and Bellator
Ducks: Duckefie, Jasper, Kiki and Kikini
Elephants: Elliefie, Raia, Polly and Ella
Elephant mouse: Ella Mouse
Flamingos: Mingefie and Ringo
Foxes: Foxana and Roxy Foxy
Frogs: Toadefie, Kikkertoo, Franny and Lily
Giraffe: Gigi
Gnomes: Ullafie, Rosemary, Ruby and Rubin
Goats: Gogofie, Tomme, QT and Buttie
Hippos: Hippefie, River, Bubbling Brook and Zeppie
Heron: Harold
Horses: Porsche, Ferari and Racer (Twirlefie is a unicorn really)
Hummingbirds: Glorafie, Honey and Penny
Kangaroos: Kangafie, Yoyo, Australia and Roo
Koalas: Tuffie, Koko, Bom Bom and Dahlia
Ladybugs: Madame Buggefie, Rubybug, Lovely Lords Little Beast and Lucky
Lemurs: Lemuria, Mimi and Mariella
Lions: Leafie, Vince and Leo
Manatees: Mannafie, Mommatee, Monty (and Minty not shown)
Oinky Boink, Chip and Binky
Mooses: Minniemoose and Maximoose
Mice: Poekiefie, Flame, Poekita and Beau
Otters: Happyfie, Dottie and Nicky
Owls: Huhufie, Hu Hee, Haha and Hoohini
Pandas: Pindy and Mindy
Parrots: King Clouseau, Lady Perry and Prince Oiseau
Peacocks: India, Rajni, Henna and Morini
Pegasus: Pegasuzie
Penguins: Pip (not shown: Ping, Ting and Penny)
Phoenix: Pepper
Pigs: Pigglefie, Pinksy Pig, Miss Piggy (and Mrs. Pig)
Platipodes: Platonius, Socrates, Plato and Platini
Porcupine: Peter
Pteradactyl: Terry
Puffin: Puff
Quail: Quai Quai
Raccoon: Rocky
Rat: Marmelade
Ravens: Momma Raven and Baby Raven 4
Red Panda: Chin Chin
Reindeer: Rainefie, Penelope and Hertje
Rhinos: Pinkefie and Pinkie
Rooster: Blackie
Seahorses: Marinefie and Tini Marini
Picture coming soon of Sil the Seal
Sheep: Sally and Sheppie
Skunks: Thomas and Violet
Snails: Applefie, Sapphire, Snoopa and Blue Berry
Snow Poekies: Augustine, Snowita and Elizabeth (Snowefie not shown)
Squirrels: Nuttefie and Hazelnut
Tarsier: Tarzan
Toucan: Tou Tou
Triceratops: Prof. Hopkins, Rosie, Dynomite and Rosebud
Turkeys: Tom, Koen and Tracey Currant
Turtles: Tessefie, Toodlana and Toodlina
Unicorns: Twirlefie, Arcenciel, Monique and Rainbow
Walrusses: Florafie and Choo Choo
Wolves: Woolfiefie, Xelcior, Paisley and Woolfie