Our Poekie Family Members

More than a hundred Poekies live with us as the Planet. And there are more than thirty animals. We're quite surprised to find that we are related to elephants, gnomes, ducks, alligators, unicorns, and so many more!

So we decided to make a page that shows all our family members, one by one, two by two, or six by six...

If you click on a picture, it will enlarge.

Poekie and Baby Poeka

P.S. We think our mommy is a little bit crazy. She created most of our family in the past two years.


LOOK AT US! There's so many!

THE MICE: Poekefie with Val Rouge and Rosa Tina, Timmy Love, Pluto, Papaya (the oldest mouse still alive), Spark and Flame, Rosie Love, Poekanina and Poekino.   THE DUCKS: Duckefie with Kiki and Jasper, Teedlina, Teedlelod, and Teedlee (the smallest and oldest duck still alive).
THE ELEPHANTS: Ellefie with Sweety Pie and Daisy (the oldest elephants still alive), Raja and Starry Sky.   THE PENGUINS: Pengu (the oldest penguin still alive), Ping and Ting.
THE ALLIGATORS: Daddiade, Alliade, and Gatorfie.   THE BEARS: Grrefie with Eselina, Honeyton and Winnieton.



THE BUNNIES: Bonnevie, Sky, Jackie and Fennel   THE CATS: Charlemagne and Tinker.




THE DOGS: Rocket with Nu Nellie and her dad Splendid.   THE DRAGONs: Bartholomew and his grandma Dragonfie.
THE DYNOSAURS: Dynomite (a triceratops) and Terry.   THE FROGS: Toadefie with Kikkertoo and his son Frits.
THE GNOMES: Ulefie with Ashley and Rosemary.   THE GOATS: QT and his mom Tomme.
THE HORSES: Ferrari and his dad Porsche  
THE KANGAROOS: Australia and her mom Yoyo.
THE MONKEYS: Oinkyboink and her son Binky.   THE LIONS: Leafie with Leo and Vince.
THE OWLS: Huhufie with Hu Hua, Hu Hu and Ashflower.   THE PEACOCK: Henna.
THE PIGS: Piggelfie with Mrs. Pig and Miss Piggy.   THE PLATYPUS: Plato (the smartest of them all).
THE PORCUPINE: Peter.   THE RAVENS: Baby Raven 4 and Mommy Raven.
THE SNAILS: Applefie, Sapphire and Snoopa.   THE SQUIRL: Hazelnut.
THE TURTLES: Tessefie, Toodlana and Toodlina.   THE UNICORNS: Twirlefie, Arcenciel and Monique.
THE WOLFS: Woolfie and his dad Xelsior.   THE FOXES: Foxana and Roxy Foxy.
THE LADYBUGS: Lovely Lord's Little Beast, Ruby and Madame Buggefie   THE DEER: Penelope and Hertje
Marieke the cow, Sally the sheep and Thomas the skunk.   THE TURKEYS: Tom and Koen.
THE COWS: Daisefie and Marieke.   THE TRICERATOPS: Professor Hopkins and Dynomite.
THE PARROTS: King Clouseau, Lady Perry and Prince Oiseau.   THE HIPPOS: River and BB (Bubbling Brook).
WATER ANIMALS: Dolphinia, Monty the Manatee, and Tini Marini the seahorse.   THE ROOSTER: Blackie.
THE BUTTERFLY: Flittefie.   THE SNOW POEKIES: Snowefie, Theodore and his dad Augustine.
THE BAT: Pearl.    

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