Baby Poeka Birthday Pool Bash 4 - 2012
Bubbles and Baths

Dear, Dear Friends and Family,

It was the most magical BPBPB ever!
With a freezing, howling wind the day before, we prayed and prayed for good weather. The reports said RAIN! And it rained all morning!

But as usual, anything is possible with the Poekies, and it became a heavenly afternoon.
This party was like a happy world inside a shiny bubble.
Just the way the Poekies like to celebrate life.

Thank you all for coming!
The Poekies, and their mommy


There was so much to do, we made a map.   One worker filling the pool in the rain. Everything was wet!


The sky was still gray when the party started.   Still, the pool was inviting.
Poekies love to swim,   and slide,
and dive.   The Slide Race.



Follow the Road, staying on that yellow road can be tricky,   but with a little attention, everyone can do it.




Many Poekies were watching.   They were sitting everywhere.
With the Henna came the sun.   An angel mom found a new calling.
Everyone loved her tattoos!   Poekie bowling and bubbles blowing..
Small bubbles, big bubbles.  
This worker was working very hard,
and enjoying the results...   half the size of this six-year-old!
Beach time at the party too.   Poekies only need a small beach.
A short break for some yummy food,   or just being happy,
The Pancake Race.   In action.
The Balance Race.   This is serious business.
Checking out all the different Poekies.   There were some new species too, like these beavers.
The Projects.   Many different crafts, including decorating rollerskates.
Young and old made something.   Reading a dictionary?
No, it was to buffer the light breeze,   for grinding the herbs for the scented bottle necklaces.
A grandmother made something too.   Bubble bracelets took some effort to string,
but a chocolate-sprinkle sandwich delivery helps.   Wool felted 'geodes,'
made with "troll-spit."   The two craft workers come back from a henna break.
Getting ready for a balloon ride.   The whole family participates.
These two sisters are happy to give their Poekies a ride.   Poekies love it.
Always amazed by the maze (based on the maze of Chartres).   But here it's the cheese-its that are the goal.
The Rollerskate Race.   Yeah, the Poekies are still learning that difficult sport.
The Obstacle Course.   Difficult, but fun.
Here is the Spa.   And the baths.
There were three scents, lavender, tuber-rose and mint.   Poekie moms sitting around, watching their Poekies bathe.
A good scrub and a good squeeze.   Then a rinsing shower.
Finally the decorating.   With ribbons,
and sparkles.   The Queen of the Spa.
The party ends, three satisfied workers sitting in the sun.    

Many thanks to everyone who made the BPBPB4 possible:
Ayla, Nicole, Kayla, Jade, Zoe, Molly, Taya, Hannah, Scarlett, Sarah, Kelly, Mogens, Thomas, Dave and Tom.


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