The Mountain Lion

For many years we bounced along with our mommy on her hikes all around our neighborhood. We saw wonderful things, wide views over the ocean, the mountains around us, and the skyline of San Francisco. We would linger underneath tall Redwood Trees, sometimes hiding in the caves they have from ancient fires. In the evenings we would see owls and foxes, and glorious sunsets. That's when we learned that we live in a beautiful place.

One day, a gray day, we were walking along one of our favorite paths, just a few hills away from our home. We went the usual way in a circle, first up over the hills so that the last stretch would be down hill. No one was out to enjoy the fresh ocean breeze on this foggy mid-July day, it made us feel like we're on the edge of America.


Leo doesn't look like a mountain lion at all. In fact, Leo doesn't look like a real baby lion either. Only grown up male lions in Africa have such beautiful manes like Leo has. Leo is also vegetarian. This can only be a Poekie lion!

We were just about to start our final descend when an animal came walking towards us up the path. We stopped and looked at it. At first our mommy thought it was a bobcat. We often see one a valley further down. But this one had a tail. It looked like a cat, but it was too big for a regular house cat. Its fur was golden with amber and bronze spots, and it had a white chin and chest. It looked an awful lot like the pictures of mountain lions on the warning signs, but it wasn't that big. Since it was July, it could only be a baby mountain lion.
The warnings say to make yourself big, and yell and throw rocks. So, when the baby mountain lion kept coming closer, mommy opened her jacket to make herself bigger. That's when we fell out of the pocket.
'Shoo, shoo you little lion! Out of my way please. We just want to pass!'
As we tumbled to the ground, the baby lion stopped and looked. He sat down like a big cat, wrapping his tail around his feet, as if he was saying, 'You sure act funny, you human. You entertain me so I'm going to watch you.'
Our mommy was not happy about this. What about the lion's mommy? She picked up some rocks, just like they tell you to do in the warning, and threw them close to the baby-lion. But he did not stir and just looked at us as if we were being very silly.
Our mommy didn't know what to do, that's when we spoke up.
'Dear mountain lion, why is it that you won't let us pass?'
The lion looked sternly at us,
'Who are you and what are you doing on my porch?'
'Pardon us, we didn't know this is your porch. We are Poekie mice and we mean no harm.'
'Hmm, what are Poekie mice? You don't smell like mice at all, otherwise you would be a nice little snack for me. My mom is close by, and if she sees you here, you will be in trouble, whether you're a good snack or not.'
We looked up at our mommy, who was still making her self look big as she gathered more rocks.
'We apologize for trespassing, we will leave right away. Goodbye.'
Just then mommy scooped us up and put us safely in her pocket. With a sigh she said,
'We'll just have to return the way we came.'

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It was a long way back, after all we were on the last down-hill stretch. But what can you do? I mean, whose home is it really? If a mountain lion came walking into my house, I would ask it to walk around my place too.
We didn't come across another person for a very long time, and for a while we were quite worried about the mommy lion following us, but we never did see her.

From then on, we walked with a stick and a ship-horn. They say that's the best way to scare big animals away. We haven't used them, maybe because our wild friends know that we do not wish to disturb their homes.


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