Pink Martini Goes to Lunch

From the moment that Pink Martini was born, we knew she would be a lot of work. She screamed right away and demanded all of our attention.
In fact, she was so loud that our mommy thought it would be a good idea to take her with her to lunch. This way she could take a nap and calm down.
Pink Martini loved the idea, as our mommy always eats her lunch on the rocks by the bay. She promised to be good and take a nap.
She took a nap, but not the way it was planned.


As our mommy was sitting on the rocks, eating her sandwich, Pink Martini saw pretty, silvery fishes in the water. She wanted to greet them, but mommy said she could not go in the water, because salt water is bad for Poekies. So she planted Pink Martini in a crack of the rock, in a place where she could see everything, but where she couldn't fall into the water. Mommy didn't pay much attention as she ate, and she didn't notice how a beautiful red weed came floating by, waving with her little hands to Pink Martini.
'Oh,' thought Pink Martini, 'that pretty weed wants to say hi to me. I must go closer to the water so I can talk to her!' Quietly she nudged herself out of the crack and waddled to the edge of the water.
'Hi pretty weed, would you like to play with me?' But the weed didn't answer as it floated right past her.
Pink Martini bent down and tried to reach the weed, she flapped her wing, waving at the weed. But just then, from underneath the rock, a gigantic crab came scurrying out, thinking that this thing looked like something yummy to eat. As fast and silent as only crabs can do, he grabbed her wing and pulled on it.
Pink Martini screamed. Mommy looked around and saw the predicament Pink Martini was in.
She quickly reached for her, and as the crab was pulling on Pink Martini's wing, our mommy was pulling on Pink Martini herself. Now she screamed even harder, as she was getting stretched in two directions. The crab did not want to let go, but our mommy is very strong, and she lifted Pink Martini and shook the crab of her wing.
In the battle, Pink Martini's wing had gotten beaten up. It was hanging lifeless by a few threads. She cried so loudly that the weed and the fishes disappeared.
Our mommy really needed a relaxing lunch, so she gave Pink Martini some of her calming tea. Exhausted from the adventure, she promptly fell asleep, her wing still half detached.

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When they returned from lunch, Pink Martini's mommy, Ayla, fixed her wing while she was still asleep. She also gave her a pretty blue bow, to make up for the scare she had experienced so soon in her brand-new life. When Pink Martini finally woke up, everyone knew it, because she loudly, and proudly, told the story to everyone who could stand her noise.


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