Our Philosophy

Poekie Nook is an after-school sewing studio where children ages 6-12 learn to hand-sew Poekies (a.k.a stuffies). We foster a safe and nurturing environment where kids are allowed to thrive: emotionally, socially, and creatively. Unbeknownst to them, they will also be learning life-long skills and enhancing their cognitive development.

Due to our drop-in format, at any time there will be kids with varying degrees of ability and experience, all sewing away at their particular skill levels, inspiring those who are new to keep on practicing their cutting, tracing and stitching abilities as they move up through the different levels of Poekies. Since there is no ‘class-time’ (“Now we all must do this or that”), kids hang out in groups, chatting and laughing, while they learn without the stress of needing to accomplish something within a certain time frame.

It is so heart-warming to see a child’s face light up with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Before long they are creating Poekie familes, sewing clothes for them and creating their own little world. Through that innocent playfulness, Poekies help keep the natural innocence in our children alive and foster the imagination.

“Poekie” is a word some mothers in Holland call their sweet baby.