About ten years ago, a kind Planet family let us stay in their house on an island off the coast of Georgia. It is a very fancy island, where kings and queens stay. We were quite excited to hear that we might be able to see baby turtles being born on the beach. We also heard that alligators live in Georgia. And alligators eat everything, including humans and Poekies. So with mixed feelings we left on this adventure.
When we arrived in Georgia, we drove for a very long time through swamps, on long straight roads with many bridges. Finally we were on a road in the middle of the ocean. There was a gate with guards in a little house. Only those humans who had a special card could go through the gate. Of course we had one, and we drove onto the island. There were big, old houses, with lawns stretching far and green in every direction. Our house was also big, with many rooms and bathrooms, and couches that could fit at least 500 Poekies, and a dinner table that must seat at least a 1000 Poekies! Grand it was, with a special bubble bath and a big fountain by the entrance.


Poekino and Baby Raven play with the ‘spaceships.’

Right away we went to the beach. Baby Poeka wanted to swim and look for baby turtles. None of that happened, because when we got to the beach, it looked desolate and wind-blown, the water was brown and it wasn’t very warm. We looked for baby turtles, but couldn’t find any. We did find two huge shells. Big enough for us to sit in. So when we got back home we played spaceship with them in the fountain.
The next day we went for a skate. We always sit safely in mom’s backpack, zipped up to our noses so we can just see the view. We skated all around the island, and came to a beach club and store. There was no one around except for some guards who told us we couldn’t skate on the island. We were sad, because we always love these skate-rides. We took a little detour by our house and found beautifully smooth paths winding through perfectly landscaped fields dotted with bushes and trees, meandering over little, rolling hills. Our mommy said it was a golf course and surely we wouldn’t be allowed to skate here. There was no one in sight. We decided to wait until sunset to secretly skate around the golf course.
And so we did. When the sun started to set, we took off on a perfectly smooth ride. Curving this way and that way, we rolled over little hills and glided past perfectly idyllic lawns and trees. Now and then we were gently shaking as we skated over the little slats on bridges crossing ponds and creeks. We were getting quite far away, it was clear that not many people go that far. Ponds and swamps and bridges were everywhere. We remembered how alligators like to live in swamps, so we kept our eyes sharp on the look out for those scary creatures.


Alliade is a very nice Poekie alligator. He loves to vacuum the
bead-table and gives little Poekies rides on his big mouth.

Sun had set, and still we skated on through the swamps. We were getting tired by now and couldn’t keep up with daddy ahead of us. We felt quite lonely as we rode over a long and bumpy bridge, when suddenly we heard ‘Plop, plop.’ Four eyes came swimming towards us!
We yelled, “Mommy, mommy, alligators are coming! Skate, skate harder!’
Our mommy said, ‘Hold on, I’m skating as fast as I can.’
She skated like a whirlwind, bumpety-bump over the bridge. We saw the eyes coming nearer, we heard their giant mouths go ‘Snap, snap.’ We were so frightened! Finally, we reached the other side. and we spurted away with all our might. The eyes disappeared in the water. We were shaking, Baby Poeka was crying. We didn’t feel safe until we got home. It was late, darkness had set.

The next few days we didn’t venture out again, instead we entertained ourselves in the bubble bath and with our shells. Swimming, boating, flying in and around the fountain. We had quite a good time, but we were glad when we had to pack our bags to go home. We waved and smiled as we passed the guards by the gate, ‘We’re going home!’
Fancy islands may be nice, but we prefer to be at our own Planet home, because our friend Alliade is a vegetarian alligator.