Warning: a not so funny story

One day many years ago, a letter arrived in the mail from an organization called Ducks Unlimited. They help preserve the wetlands where ducks like to live.
Our mommy taught us early that ducks are lovely creatures. She grew up with hundreds of ducks in her backyard and she has never seen a mean duck. All ducks are sweet and funny and the mommies take very good care of their babies.
So we were quite excited to find an organization who protects ducks and we signed up. We sent in a donation and some weeks later we received a nice thank you letter with a pretty duck sculpture. Mommy put it on her desk. Then we waited impatiently for the magazine we were going to get every month. A magazine all about ducks! Our mommy promised to read us all the stories and show us all the pictures.


Duckefie, Teedleena, Teedlod, Jasper and Kiki are very
happy to be Poekie Ducks. They are not edible!

Finally a big envelope arrived. Excitedly we opened it and as we pulled out the magazine, all three of us fell silent. What was that picture on the cover? It was a duck, but what was it doing in the mouth of a big dog? Baby Poeka and I couldn’t look at it and turned away, tears welled up in Baby Poeka’s eyes.
Mommy said, ‘What is this? Why would such a sad picture be on the cover? Let’s see what the pictures inside show.’
I turned around and looked with mommy. With the turning of every page our horror grew. There were all kinds of pictures of ducks carried by dogs.
I said, ‘Maybe they’re rescue dogs?’
With a grave voice mommy said, ‘I don’t think so. You better not look anymore.’
Now tears came in mommy’s eyes too. She muttered, ‘This is terrible. Here are pictures of hunters with big guns, hiding in the reeds.’
And after more flipping of pages, she said trembling, “They’re shooting ducks. This is horrible!’


Coloring picture: just click on it to print out.

Now our mommy became really angry. She slammed the magazine on the table and yelled, ‘This is not an organization to save ducks, this is an organization to kill as many ducks as possible! We’ve been deceived! I am going to call them and demand our money back.’
And so she did, but they would not give her the money back. She took the duck sculpture off her desk, and because it was so beautiful, she did not throw it away but put it in our little shrine to remind us of the big bad people who save ducks only to kill them.
From then on we went out once a week and fed the ducks our old bread. And now after all these years, we wrote this story down so we can warn you never to give money to Ducks Unlimited. Instead, go out and feed them!