The Poekies are very lucky. They are all born and raised in no-mans land on the San Francisco bay between two villages. Most people don’t even know this place exists, but everyone in the bay area knows the seaplane that goes on tours flying all around. The seaplane’s home happens to be with our neighbors. The old plane is called the Beaver which hums around in the sky like a big bumble bee, but a new pilot has arrived and with him, a new little plane.


As proud models for the cover of the Poekie Mouse kits, Flame and Spark are particularly courageous and adventurous. So when the new pilot offered to take some Poekies for a tour around the bay, they jumped at the chance.

The pilot placed them with their noses in the window of the cockpit as they floated out on the water. It was too wobbly for Spark, so he quickly climbed down to sit safely between the instruments. A massive roaring noise begun as they hurled across the water while taking off. They covered their big ears and closed their eyes, but once they were in the air, it got better. Flame was all excited and called Spark to come see their home from so far above. Spark climbed back up to the window and was for a moment worried he would just fall through the window into the big blue sky and bay. But it was a beautiful view. They saw their home, the villages, the mountain and the big blue bay. They flew over the Golden Gate bridge, around Alcatraz island with its old jail, and San Francisco sparkled like a diamond in the sun.



Everything was fine until the pilot started making serious turns, swooping down over the city. That did not feel good in the tummy, their pellets rolled from one side to the other, and now they both thought they were going to roll out of the window.



That was enough adventure for them. They both climbed down and rested between the instruments, putting their trust in this new pilot and wobbly little plane.
They sighed from relief when they landed in the water with a big splash. With their ears still flat from fear, they were welcomed back like heroes. All the Poekies wanted to know what it was like to see our home from far above.



Of course, neither Flame nor Spark said anything about the scare or the weird feeling of rolling pellets in the tummy!