Intermediate Snow Poekie Kit

$ 16.00

White and Brown
Intermediate Kit
Good for age 8 and up, and for those with some sewing experience.
$16.00 plus tax and shipping.

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Comes with:
All materials and supplies needed, except for marker and scissors.
Includes: patterns, instructions (with link to video instructions), fleece fabric, threads, pin, needles, googly eyes and stuffing.

Dear Poekie Maker,
Here are some general tips:
• If this is your very first Pre-Poekie, watch all the General Instructions Videos first, especially how to do a back-stitch. If you have already made a beginner’s baby mouse or duckling, you know how to tie knots and make whip-stitches, but there are some new techniques you will need to know.
• There is also a video with specific instructions for this Intermediate Pre-Poekie. The link is in your kit. Please contact me if you have any trouble with finding the video.
• It’s fun to make Poekies together, ask your mom or dad to help you.
• Perfection comes with practice, the more Poekies you make the more perfect they will be.
• Your first Pre-Poekie may take more than two hours to make, but your third Pre-Poekie should take less than one hour.
• You can use these patterns over and over again, you can look for materials at your local fabric store, or better yet, order more supplies on our website featuring the tried and proven supplies and tools (to be added soon).
With love from the Poekies,
P.S. Just like music, Poekie Patterns are copyright protected. It took ten years to develop these patterns and I would appreciate it if you ask your friends to buy their own patterns.

Choking Hazard: Contains very small parts,
Poking Hazard: Contains needles and pin with very sharp points.
1. Pins and needles’ mission in life is to poke, and scissors only know how to cut. You must be careful and make sure that they poke and cut only the things that you want them to!
2. None of the materials used belong in a person’s mouth, so be careful when you make this while little children are around you.

All our kits are supported by online video turorials, but children will still need guidance from an adult with basic sewing experience, and, depending on the age of the child, many children will need to practice on more than one Poekie animal before graduating to the next level.

1. Beginner Baby Poekie Kits:
Age 6-8, create 2 dimensional animals, learn to trace and cut felt, tie easy knots, sew the whip-stitch.

2. Intermediate Pre-Poekie Kits:
Age 8-12, create easy 3 dimensional animals, learn to trace and cut fleece fabric, (right/wrong side), sew the back-stitch.

3. Advanced Poekie Kits:
Age 8-12, create complicated 3 dimensional animals, using various stitching techniques.

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